Tuesday, March 04, 2014


The Importance of Sacrament

Chaplain Mike quotes from John Frye:
Preaching, in some traditions, is a sacrament or comparable to a sacrament. Low church evangelicalism will have to ponder this. What it means is: preaching is more about what God does, than what the preacher and congregation do. Preaching is a holy event when the preacher and the preached to encounter the living God together. The aim of preaching is community-encounter with the living, eyes-blazing Christ Who walks in the community’s ordinary, particular midst.
I wonder if "low church evangelicalism" even has this view of the core sacraments - communion and baptism. Anymore we seem to approach these things for what they mean to us instead as a means to experiencing the presence of God.

"What's that mean to me?" has replaced simply, "What's that mean?" IF it is not about us, it does not seem to matter anymore. Is it any wonder then that we see many of the developments we see in the church? Is it any wonder the world seems to be falling apart around us? Somethings are bigger than us - God would be a good example.

I remained stunned that we somehow insist that GOD be "relevant" to our daily lives. It is a bit like demanding the same from air.


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