Saturday, April 12, 2014


Comic Art

"No, Really" Edition 

Airhead -
Airhead could cause her head to inflate with something lighter than air causing her to float. Her upward force was strong enough that she could lift heavy things (such as her teammate Brute). She was also able to control the direction she floated. Apparently she deflated her head by exhaling.
I think I may have dated her many, many years ago.

I honestly cannot think of anything to out-silly this comic creation. It was Power Pack, a group of superhero children (not teens mind you - CHILDREN!), but come on does that mean the creators have to think like children. Besides, wouldn't "Hot Air Balloon Head" have been not only more descriptive, but more childish. Airhead - really?

Now, if you want to make this character genuinely funny, when her head gets big, she needs to become scattered, disorganized and peevish. Not to mention if she inflates her head for too long she turns into a curvy blonde in a pink car.

I should write comics, don't you think?


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