Thursday, April 03, 2014


How About "Genuine?"

Christian Web Trends:
There’s a great blog post over at Faith Context. Darrel Girardier writes that his church is retooling their website and he’s thinking through whether SEO is important to do on the church site or if they would be better served spending their time and money on other things, such as branding or, especially, sharing content.

That’s a great question!

As Darrel explains in his blog post,

  • Branding is the things you do to create name recognition for your church or people talking about your church (“Hey, Bob, where’s a good church around here that I could visit?”).
  • SEO is what you can do for your website (both on and off your website) which will help your site to rank well in the search engines.
  • Sharing content involves creating content (blog articles, pictures, videos, etc.) that people (hopefully) like and sharing it, primarily through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
It’s all Connected.
The great thing about the three strategies mentioned is that they can all be closely related.

  1. If you create great content to share and clearly identify your church on/in the content, you will help the church’s branding/name recognition.
  2. If people search for a church and other ministries your church is involved in and they keep running across you, that will help with branding as well.
  3. If your site and content is well optimized, more people will find your content to share it.
  4. If you share content and people share with their friends or link to it, it will help with SEO (as Darrel points out).
  5. Etc.
OK, two quick points here. One, ending a list with "Etc." was a reason for an "F" in my writing classes. The best tech in the world for passing on information is only as good as the content. (Guilty as charged here folks, I just expect better of "professional.")

Second point - how does this transmit the gospel of Jesus? I mean really. Incarnation is an essential part of our faith and this is almost the opposite of it. And relatedly, didn't Jesus tell us to "Go out...?"


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