Friday, April 04, 2014



Marcus Goodyear:
"You are as lazy as cheese!" the man said to me. I was a sixteen-year-old exchange student in Germany. The man was my German host father for the entire year.


Paul's advice to the Thessalonians would have done me good. As an exchange student, I was often idle and disruptive. I rarely settled down to help earn the food I was eating, but I knew better. My biological parents back in America had taught me to do all of my work as if for the Lord (Col. 3:23). My host father, too, was a good Christian man, and he patiently reminded me not to bury my talents (Matt. 25:16). "Ai, yai, yai! Put your skills to work!" he would say, and then teach me to split logs for Oma or press wine or harvest apples or tear down a three-story house with sledge hammers or whatever Saturday task he found for the family. My host father knew that God made us to work and to work hard, and in all of those instances, my role was to work for him as if working for the Lord.
I know that in my youth I was often "lazy for the Lord." That is to say I avoided hard work claiming, "What does it benefit the Kingdom of God?"

Well guess what - all work done by believers benefits the Kingdom. We forget that we need to eat and have houses and everything else. It is not just about preaching and singing, fun though that may be.

Work matters - all work.


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