Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Not Through The Internet

Christian Web Trends engaged in a bit of blatant product placement:
Who is Christ and how do I get to know him?

Providing answers to these questions is something that Abiding Savior Lutheran Church of St. Louis, MO is passionate about. In fact, the mission of the church is “To Know Christ To Make Him Known.” Earlier this week, Abiding Savior launched their new website to help accomplish this mission.

Abiding Savior Lutheran (ASL) found OurChurch.Com through another school website built by OCC for Lutheran High School South. In fact, Abiding Savior wanted a new website for both their church and one for their school & Early Childhood Ministry. As a result, both the church and school websites were designed together to create a similar look to establish branding correlation between the two websites.


You can read more about OurChurch.Com’s custom web design services. If you are interested in discussing how OurChurch.Com can help you achieve your mission online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising a service, and churches need a lot of help with web design. That's a good thing, frankly. But to conflate that with coming to know Christ?! I mean please, let's be realistic, and let's not build bad expectations.

We already live in a world where many people think that watching religious programming on TV is the same thing as going to church on Sunday morning. Now we are going to tell them that you can have a genuine relationship with the Savior and Creator of the universe online? The most intimate relationship in any life cannot be conducted remotely on the Internet.

This is where marketing the church becomes a problem Think about it.


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