Monday, April 07, 2014


Stupid Question

Todd Rhoades asks:
What is YOUR personal integrity?
I am stunned, integrity is about how we interact and behave with others and it is measured against an absolute standard. It cannot, by definition be personal. Now buried in Todd's post is a good point:
Because integrity… when it comes right down to it… is a very personal thing.

You can hide things from people, but not from yourself.
The maintenance of our integrity is often something almost entirely up to ourselves and God, but that is very different than saying the definition of integrity itself is personal.

I am growing to hate the standard Bible Study question, "What does that mean to you?" It used to be that everyone understood that when you asked that question you were really asking "How do you apply that in your life?" but now we have stretched it to the point that the interpretation is entirely personal and that understanding the Bible is entirely relativistic.

Truth is not a personal concept.


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