Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Most Important Article Ever Written

Yes, the headline is over-the-top and sarcastic. What was I supposed to do when I ran across this article in the London Telegraph:
The Vatican daily L'Osservatore Romano on Friday devoted a full page looking at the Catholic identity of popular comic book superheroes while questioning the religious affiliation of some of the most popular like Superman and Batman.
This all was in the wake of last summers "Man of Steel" and the whole thing is frankly a bit silly.
In his article Vallini said the release of Man of Steel had also reignited debate about the religion of the main protagonist, Clark Kent, even though he apparently admits to being a Methodist.

America's mega churches have been urging the faithful to see the film from the pulpit and this has encouraged churchgoers across the country to flock to the cinema.

A separate review of Man of Steel published in L'Osservatore Romano on Friday noted many similarities between Superman and Jesus Christ but said the film was no threat to "disturbing the gospel".

Reviewer Emilio Ranzato said since Superman was created in 1932 there have always been comparisons between him and Christ, particularly as Clark Kent was sent to earth "to resolve the world's problems" and was initially reluctant to take that responsibility.
If you remember, everybody got a bit worked up because Clark Kent sought spiritual advice before embarking on his career as Supes. While that is a bigger nod to the church than Hollywood usually gives, its hardly a big deal. And frankly every superhero worth his/her salt is something of a Christ figure - nature of the genre.

I do love me comics, but it makes me a little sad to see the Vatican bite off this particular bit if silliness. This is the kind of thing that the mile wide inches deep stream of American Evangelicalism would take on hook line and sinker, but I expect more from the oldest religious institution in the world.


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