Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Worship As Submission

Dan Edelen argues that worship is not prescriptive, but submissive. Yet he participates in the canard that there is a "worship time" designed to prepare one emotionally and spiritually for a message:
Yes, the worship had been exemplary, as usual. No doubt the Lord was present in their midst. But then, so it seemed was a spirit of bureaucracy....
If indeed worship is about submission, then its "spirit" should invade all aspects not merely of the service, but of life.

To sound utterly cliche', Edelen's point is to "Let go and let God." In order to make that not a cliche' it has to be more than about some sort of emotional release - it has to be transforming! And transformig not just of our worship services, but of every aspect of our lives. It has to penetrate both the behavioral prescriptions and the emotional high to reach a new and much deeper level. A level that is both a part of us, and somehow beyond our understanding.

We must submit not just out emotions and our behavior, but our core - wholly and totally. That's worship.


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