Monday, May 12, 2014



Ron Edmundson:
I’ve seen leaders… whether pastors, politicians or in business…try to take people places…even worthy places…and believe people would follow because they are popular as a leader. But, people didn’t follow…because the leader hadn’t developed enough trust. Misunderstanding this can dramatically damage a leader’s performance. (This is especially true for newer leaders.)

Many leaders assume they are trusted because they are popular, but that is many times not the case. The leader may be very popular, but that doesn’t always translate into trust.
Popularity is easy to build - trust is not. This is one of the things that bothers me about worrying about things like church names and service times and other "surface" considerations. They take a lot of a church's time and energy but they do little to genuinely contribute to the growth of the church and the congregation.

Serious growth comes on levels far deeper than such things designed to make a church popular. And if it is really happening on those deeper levels, the surface stuff just does not matter. Christ did not need the accouterments of popularity, the force of his personality and the truth of his words was sufficient to draw large crowds. From this the church grew.

We keep asking the wrong questions. We keep seeking to be popular like a TV show when we should be seeking to be trustworthy.


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