Friday, May 23, 2014


We Need To Do Ordinary Well

Erik Raymond:
Here is my main point: disciple-making is ordinary Christianity. It is fundamental to it. Like learning to count and say your alphabet in the natural realm, there is scarcely any part of the Christian life where discipleship does not touch. In so far as Christianity is a community faith, it is a disciple-making faith.

There may be a dozen different paradigms flying around when you hear discipleship. Some people insist on reading a book, meeting for coffee, eating a meal, working out, etc. All of these may aid the work of discipleship but they are not a prerequisite for or the necessary substance of it. Jesus never gave us a program for discipleship but he gave us his example and a broad, far-reaching command to do it. As a result, we have great freedom and a great burden for discipleship.

What does it look like? When Jesus commands us to make disciples he intends for us to live our lives in obedience to him in the presence of other people (believers and unbelievers). This intentional living seeks to show others the worth and the power of Christ. In short, we let people in to see how we live out the Christian faith.
Do you live as if EVERYTHING you do is a part of disciple-making? It does not take a program or a process, just living.

Now, the really important part is this - It happens whether we want it to or not, whether we intend to or not. If, for whatever reasons, we publicly fail to act in a Christ-like manner, then someone observing that learns that discipleship is less than it truly is.

Now, I am not fool enough to believe that any of us can always do as we should. So that means, confession, repentance and reliance on God's grace and the Holy Spirit's improving efforts must be an obvious and apparent part of our lives. We must find a way to live humbly while we also live boldly.


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