Saturday, June 07, 2014


Comic Art


I am dumbstruck. Honestly, there is nothing to say about Tapeworm except, "yuck, gross, ewwww, nasty." OK, lots of villains have followed on the parasite theme, but Tapeworm?! There are only two excuses I can think of for this villain: 1) A superhero was putting on a few and the writers need a fast way to take it off, or 2) Someone was looking for a reason to have a superhero shout "I'm going to pull you out my ass and break you into little tiny segments."

I can see it now - soon there will be the "Society of Parasitic Worms," and all the good guys will just call them "Yuck." All they can possibly do is annoy you or gross you out.

'Nuff Said


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