Thursday, June 26, 2014



Mark Roberts
To be honest, we begin our relationship with God because of what’s in it for us personally....The prayers of new believers are usually focused on their personal needs:...But, as we grow in our faith, as our hearts expand through the presence of God’s Spirit within us, we find ourselves praying more expansive prayers. We see this very expansion in Psalm 67. It begins with a prayer for God to bless “us” and to smile upon “us.”...But then the prayerful vision of the psalmist expands. He asks that God’s ways and power might be known “throughout the earth” and “among people everywhere” (67:2). He yearns for all nations to praise God.
That is so right and it leads me to a question - What in the modern way church is done, especially in Evangelical circles aids us in achieving such expansive maturity? When we build church to allow anonymity and develop programs to meet the needs of each individual, where do they expand to?

I hear the answer coming now, "Why they expand to serve a role in those programs - they become leaders!" Oh really? We recruit them to those leadership roles based again on personal interest. Nor are they allowed or encouraged to expand in ways that do not conform with the program. And there expansion is limited. God forbid they compete with the staff for leadership.

Just sayin'


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