Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Over the last few weeks I have spent a lot of time asking myself What would my life look like if I gave myself totally to God? This is probably the scariest question I have ever asked, because the short answer is – very different from what it looks like now.


First I know that prayer and deepening my relationship to God should take priority over everything else....
Fair enough, but it strikes me as rather timid. It seems to me that if I really totally gave myself to God that would be a given, not a result.
Second I know that relationships – to God and to others should take priority over work....
Again, fair enough, but I think God has plans for us that are far more holistic than that. Somehow I think that if we were really in Christ's grasp those divisions between work and home and relationships would somehow vanish.
Third I need to take time for myself, to make space for the exercises that replenish my spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing....
That I think is repetitive. Somehow I think what she is talking about here would result from the first two.
Fourth I need to take time for God’s creation....
I mean yeah, ok, but so?!
Fifth, the use of my resources would be totally in God’s control. I would give generously, joyously and enthusiastically whenever God prompted me....
There is the meat and does that not negate the prior four? Seems to me that is the first four she is dictating to God how He is to equip her to do the fifth. Somehow I think God tells us to just get busy with the fifth and let Him handle the rest. The first four are selfish, the last is gospel.

Christ could have stayed in Gethsemane all night seeking the resources to face His ordeal. He just got busy and God provided. That's the point I think. We do, God provides. We give out of our need not our riches.

The world would be such a different place if people actually did that.


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