Thursday, June 05, 2014


Maybe They Are Done Being A Leader

Charisma Magazine is a place for all things Pentecostal. Recently Jennifer LeClaire write there about the "srestoration" of Benny Hinn's brother after being caught in adultery. She discusses "hypergrace" and how long should someone take to be restored to ministry. She never considers that maybe they should NEVER be "restored" to ministry.

There are two enormous flaws in the thinking in this piece. And they are flaws that strongly illustrate my problems with Pentecostalism generally.

The first flaw is that the issue is about the guy and his sin. It's not - it's about the church and its standing in the world. It's about all the people that he lied to and the harm that was done to them on the basis of those lies. It's about all the souls whose faith was shattered by this man's lies.

The second flaw is that professional ministry is just all that important - it's not. This guy is not that indefensible and he can find another way to make a living. If God can gift him for leadership, God can gift someone else to take his place.

And now I will shut up before I say something I regret.


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