Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The Cliche as Lesson

Christian Post's "Buzzvine" lists "10 Christian Cliches and Popular Church Phrases:They range from the mundane:
"Can I get an amen?"
To the dangerous:
"The Lord told me to tell you…"
to the bothersome:
"As for me and my house…" [see Joshua 24:15]
There are two points that need to be made here. Firstly, can scripture ever be cliche'?

The second requires a bit more comment. While some of these phrases are just wrong, are "cliche's" generally wrong? Repetition is, even int his highly literate age, a big part of changing our lives. Repeating something over and over and over again does not change its essential truth, it juts ingrains it in us. And when such a lesson is so ingrained we change.

Why, it could be come downright liturgical.


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