Friday, June 20, 2014


The Dehumanizing Effects of Focusing on Numbers

From Christian Post:
Pastor Sergio de la Mora of Cornerstone Church of San Diego, which is the largest Latino-led church in the city and one of the fastest growing churches in America, took the stage during The Heart Revolution conference on Tuesday to speak to over 200 church leaders in attendance about maintaining their focus on the people they serve in order to avoid becoming "ministry monsters."

"People become addicted to doing ministry work at the expense of loving the people they minister to," de la Mora told The Christian Post. "People need to become more important than the project because oftentimes the project becomes more important than the people and that's how we become ministry monsters."

De la Mora's message focused on leaders in ministry who often times treat others as objects instead of humans, causing leaders to become "human doings and not human beings." His message also emphasized how leaders lose sight of their purpose to serve and focus more on doing the work of the church instead of being the church.

"We're task driven people and we love our to-do lists and we live to complete those lists. You can do that with things but when it comes to people, you have to be careful because they need to be handled with love and care, not treated like a thing," de la Mora said.


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