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This post will go up in July 2014, but as I write it is November 2013 - hopefully the later publication of this will prevent spoiler from being an issue. But if you have not seen "Thor- The Dark World" yet, well spoiler alert.

Comic Malekith
Fine movie this Thor film, like all the superhero movies of 2013, with the exception of the Wolverine pic, it exists as pure action/adventure with little to advance of develop the character, but its superheroes for crying out loud. I can live with that. But there is one thing that bugged the H-E-double hockey sticks out of me watching the film. I think you see it illustrated here.

Movie Malekith
Yep, Thor's opponent in this film is essentially Eclipso of DC comics fame. Yes, Malekith is a well established Marvel baddie, and the whole light/darkness schtick is a universal comic theme used over and over and over again. But come on! Consider the comic and movie versions of the character and them consider Eclipso. You tell me who we are dealing with as the baddie here.

Is this too "comic geeky" an objection to this film? Probably. Opening weekend ticket sales far exceeded the possible comic fan numbers, so I'm guessing the audience is not going to get what I'm saying here. But if I was Time/Warner (owners of DC) I'd sure be trying to pick Disney's pockets (owners of Marvel) for some of that money. I am sure there is a case for image infringement here.

And much as I absolutely love Thor I would much rather see him going up against Crusher Creel and the Wrecking Crew than I would this Eclipso knock off. Or since tales of Asgard seem to be the movie fans delight - Send Thor and the Warriors Three off in search of adventure - they always manage to find it.

BTW, where the heck is Balder the Brave? One of the few Asgardians aside from Thor himself to warrant their own title. In fact, a Walt Simonson based Thor movie with Beta Ray Bill would be just about perfect.



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