Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Good Work

Tom Nelson on Exodus 31:2-3:
The name Bezalel is not a name that first comes to our mind when we think of biblical characters. On a familiarity scale, Bezalel is about as obscure as one can get. Yet God himself plucks Bezalel from obscurity and presents his impressive work resume to Moses as a candidate for lead craftsman and builder of the tabernacle. Bezalel was the right guy for the job.


Not all of us have this dramatic and decisive vocational calling, but this story illustrates two important truths for our vocational callings we dare not miss. First, we have been designed by God with different bents and abilities for our contribution in the world. We are fit well for a particular kind of work, and as good vocational stewards we should seek out a good fit if at all possible. Second, we must remember like Bezalel we, too, are supernaturally empowered for the work God has called us to do.
Sort of puts a whole new light on going to work every day - doesn't it? "Callings" not only happen to church work. Life is better when you remember that.


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