Thursday, July 24, 2014


Nah - Just Seven Ways To Grow

Ron Edmondson lists "7 Sure Ways to Grow as a Leader":
  • Desire growth
  • Accept correction
  • Listen to wiser voices
  • Invest in others
  • Recognize weaknesses
  • Refuse mediocrity
  • Embrace failure
Folks, that just seven ways to grow as a Christian, not a leader.

I realize that Edmondson's blog is for people that want to be leaders, but I think he does s disservice by putting this post this way. He serves to set apart common Christian growth as something reserved for leaders and that the average church attender need not bother. Either that or he perpetuates the presumption that we are all leaders.

In a sense we are all leaders, but not in the get in front and organize the church sense. But organizational problems are the least of my concerns. What does concern me is that common Christian maturity is being placed in the realm of leadership. This is how the church got into the mess to begin with.

Frankly, the church needs more common Christan maturity and less leadership right now.


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