Wednesday, July 30, 2014


THE Question

Todd Rhoades asks "What Should Your Church Be Measuring?" Now that is the question of the modern age. Let's look at some of the suggestions taken at random:
Spiritual growth satisfaction

Sense of connection to the church

Giving patterns

Adult conversion percentage

Influence of ministries

Group assimilation percentage
Of that randomly selected list only one item comes close to measuring the maturity of the individuals int he congregation - "Spiritual growth satisfaction." But even that is skewed as it does not even try to measure such growth objectively, rather it measures an individuals satisfaction with their own growth. If you did that with a student in school (and I am sure it is done) you would not look at their grade, rather you would ask them if they were "OK" with their grade. In other words, if you're OK with your "D," I'm OK with your "D"

Would you call a teacher that did that a good teacher? Would you call a teacher that was happy with students that felt assimilated with the school a good teacher? Would a teacher that relied on such metrics be considered as making good students?

So, with such metrics, are we making disciples?


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