Monday, August 11, 2014


Finding Happy

He goes on to say that individualism, status, competition, all things proven to make us unhappy, but pursued nonetheless, are written into policy in the form of performance related pay or schools rankings. For this, Layard blames the unholy synergy between Adam Smith and Charles Darwin...

As people of faith we know that relationships, beginning with our relationship to God, make us happy and fulfilled. We also know that giving to others makes us happier than accumulating for ourselves does. Yet when it comes to prioritizing our time and use of resources consumption and wealth often win.

The question we all need to grapple with is If we really want to be happier, what should we do differently? and then we need to figure out how to go about doing those things.
If I read this right - happiness is counter-cultural so we need to choose to be counter-cultural. Not sure what to make of that. Honestly.

There is a very reasonable point there about choices and sources of happiness - but why the arbitrary shots at Smith and Darwin? In some ways the world simply is the way the world is. Despite our delusions to the contrary, there are some thing we cannot control. Now about of political, social, or cultural model building can change it.

Happiness is a choice when we have no control. That's the deepest point. Another way to put it is - S*&^ happens. We just have to learn how to be happy when it does. That's the choice and that means happiness is from a source other than Darwin, Smith or any other ideology.

It comes only from Christ.


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