Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Makin' Money

Mark Roberts quote Ed Cyzewski:
It makes me wonder if Christians unintentionally undervalue each other’s work when asking for the family discount.

In some cases we have confused freebies with ministry, as if adding money to a transaction devalues the holiness of someone’s work . . .
You know, money is not evil, it is the root of evil and there is a difference. And then it is the love of money, not the stuff itself.

As I have said on many occasions, I have lost a huge amount of weight. One of the problems I still have is situations where there is an abundance of food that I can access in an uncontrolled fashion. A party with a goodies table. I just don't stop eating. Though my weight is reasonably in control, I still love food too much. Therefore, in my house, I still have to limit how much food is about - it's a crutch to help me cope with my sinful desire to eat what is in my face.

Limiting money is the same thing. It shows we have not overcome our love of the stuff. Maybe asking for a "family discount" is the same sort of thing. It focus' too much on the cash and not enough on ridding ourselves of our love for it.

What do you love too much?


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