Tuesday, August 12, 2014


What Does Leadership Require?

Ron Edmondson looks at "3 Ways to Develop as a Leader…Without a Budget." The lack of a budget had to do with the inability to send the growing leader to conferences, etc. The ways to develop were to hook up with community leaders in some other fashion finding mentors for free. This thing can be assaulted on the micro and the macro level.

On the micro level to get together in a book group with a bunch of other guys struggling like you are is just silly - the blind leading the halt.

ON a macro level, I do not know where to begin. Conferences? Conferences? Of course, Edmondson in in the conference business so it is natural he would view that as the primary means of learning these things. But here is an idea that I think some might find pretty radical. Go out in the world and do something to develop, then come back and do church work.

Think about it.


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