Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What We Must Do

BAck in December, CNN about all of C.S. Lewis' weaknesses. There are the old, old accusations of an affairs, etc. Some of it is rumor, some of it is quite true. All I can say is, with the exception of Jesus, all great truth communicated by Christians has been communicated by a sinner.

This brings to mind to important points. The first is that if you intend to communicate Christian truth to the world, you need to always bear in mind that your life is the "truth test" that will be used to check the veracity of your statements. Without our lives, our words are empty. Now, the stuff they discuss about Lewis does nothing serious to void his great writings, it's more on the level of excuse to ignore than doing serious damage, but it is quite possible to do serious damage. Hence the second point.

We cannot, due to our sinful state, model perfection. Nor is it helpful to model reliance on cheap grace. Rather what we must seek to model most strongly is a cycle of humble, I repeat humble, confession and redemption. We must live in a submissive state. Against such things our lives can measure up.

Does your live add veracity to the gospel?


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