Tuesday, September 16, 2014



John Lomperis discusses one of the primary reasons I think we must affiliate with church:
A contract is a temporary agreement between two human parties that lasts until it reaches its expiration date or one person decides to break its terms. But a covenant is a lasting commitment that people make to both each other and God, and which they have no right to step out of later just because they no longer like it.

Covenant accountability is at the very heart of Methodist DNA. We were known for the intense, loving moral and spiritual accountability in our classes and bands.
His concern about the breakdown in accountability in the Methodist church can be shared in all of the denominations and explains much of the reason for their loss of influence and general decline. And it should be noted that such accountability is not just between the church and its members, but in the higher bodies of the church as well. One need look no further than the scandals that have rocked the Catholic church to understand the importance of this accountability.

I constantly hear how people do not want to be held accountability. Why is that? Maybe it is because the accountability we exercise glorifies the church and not God. Maybe it is because what we show accountability as having accomplished in our lives is not necessarily the good stuff. Maybe it is because we seek to hold them accountable without first placing ourselves into accountability.

I know I long for someone that we hold me accountable in a good, gentle and loving fashion.


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