Thursday, September 25, 2014


Being Critical

Ron Edmondson:
As I see it, we often confuse critical thinking with negativity. I realize some people don’t know how to think critically without being negative, and some people can never celebrate the moment, but because of that, we often think of the word criticism and automatically take it personal. We develop turf wars over our areas. Fear keeps us from being open to critique. Critical thinking, however, when used correctly, is an effort to think towards making things better for the good of the organization and everyone on the team, not attacking a particular person or program.
He's right, but this is a problem that is far deeper than merely taking things too personally. We no longer teach people how to think in our schools or even in Christian education - we teach them how to have an opinion and express it, we teach them how to express their feelings, but to form an argument or break down a problem - not hardly.

We teach that faith is a matter of personal feeling - not a matter of rationality.

Students are no longer taught to criticize, they are taught to deconstruct.

If we cannot be objective about things outside of ourselves, learning to be objective about ourselves is virtually impossible.

That might even include objectivity about our sinful state.


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