Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Growth From Weakness

John Piper says "Don't Waste Your Weakness":
In 2014, I encourage you to identify and exploit your weaknesses for the glory of Christ.
He then goes on to discuss Paul's "thorn in the flesh" passage.

I think Piper has a point, but he also misses the big point. Weakness is in large part about learning there are things we cannot control. Exploitation is all about taking control. Thus "exploiting a weakness" is in some sense oxymoronic. The only way we can really deal with out weaknesses is to lay them at Christ's feet and ask Him to exploit them for us. In the end that is not much of a strategy.

I agree that our weaknesses is one of the things that God uses to help us achieve greater maturity, but I am not at all sure they are exploitable for that end. That does not mean we give into them. Rather it means we give them up.


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