Friday, September 26, 2014


What To Believe About Yourself

Ron Edmondson lists "7 Lies We Believe As Pastors":
Christian leadership is a tricky paradigm. It's really not different from good secular leadership save for the fact that as Christians we cannot pretend we are actually in charge - humility demands that we not. Leading people is more art than science. I think that people who are intellectually inclined to a profession like ministry, who love to study and read and deal with things is a logical and organized fashion are going to be naturally bad at leadership because people simply are not logical and organized.

I think that when well done, that leads to greater dependence on the Lord when we find ourselves in leadership situations. But too often when let our pride get in the way. Either that or we get worried about our paychecks.

I know that the best things I have done have been when I either knew because of the enormity of the project that I could not begin to get a hold of it all, or when something went haywire midstream and I was forced to let go. God has a way of making things work.


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