Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Mark Roberts:
Is Christianity primarily a matter of doing, thinking, or being? Chances are you know the "right answer." It's "all of the above." Christianity embraces doing, thinking, and being. That's clear enough.

I agree. But, in practice, most of us tend to lean strongly in one direction or another. If you grew up in a Christian home, there's a good chance you learned to think of Christianity as a matter of doing (and not doing)....

Then, somewhere along the way, we discovered that Christianity had to do with thinking. We learned that theology matters, that having the right theology is vital to authentic faith....

Then, perhaps a little later in life, our hearts yearned for something more. We wanted to go deeper than just doing and just thinking. We sought to know God more experientially, to learn what it meant to be God's child,...
That's a good description of my journey to date. Although I will say that often The doing is not base upon which I build, but an approach which I abandon. I think it is right and good that we go through these stages, but we cannot abandon what we have learned for the sake of what we are learning. That is the hard part. It is also the secret to becoming a whole Christian.

Lord. make me a whole Christian!


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