Friday, October 31, 2014


At The Service

Christian Post lists "5 Mistakes Christians Make During Worship":
  1. Idolize the band.
  2. Be a music critic.
  3. Copyedit the slides.
  4. Fret about what your neighbor is doing.
  5. Think about how you look or sound.
There are so many ways to react to something like this, but the one my mind keeps running to is that I never worried about those things when I went to church as a kid. Church was so magisterial that it never dawned on me to be anything but quiet and respectful and to try and learn from it.

Yes, it was foreign and hard to relate to, but that commanded my attention and demanded my respect. Now I go to church and think, "I could do that, and probably better."

Church should not ask us to get on our knees - it should drive us there.


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