Thursday, October 30, 2014


On Being Fat

Jared Wilson goes on about pastors that are not too looks conscious.
So no, I am not advocating gluttony here, just a Christward self-disregard, a godly un-self-consciousness. I am praying for an increase in the tribe of self-forgetful pastors — if not all-out dorky ones — with platforms thrust upon them genuinely “aw shucks”-wise, men who will love not their images even unto death. Men who at least are not obsessed with the camera catching their good sides. Give me a fat guy in the pulpit so long as he preaches not himself and not the law but the glorious gospel. And if you’ve got a pastor with washboard abs who does that– well, that’s okay too, I guess.
Fashions, haircuts, general unkemptness I cannot speak to, but I can speak to fat. The line between gluttony and un-self-consciousness is a fine one indeed. Were I not to quite consciously concentrate at every eating opportunity, I would soon weight a gluttonous 400 pounds again. It is a sad and deplorable fact that my life has a default gluttony mode.

Sure, a lack of fashion sense can be a sign of a guy concentrating more on the Lord than himself, but controlling our eating is behavioral, and disciplinary, and in excess sinful. Not sure why Wilson chose to call his post "In Praise of Fat Pastors" and why he chose to focus on that aspect of fashion - maybe is is becasue he has no concept of what weight control is really like. I just think the post should have been "In Praise of Unfashionable Pastors."


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