Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Thankfully, It's True

Mark Roberts:
As you experience transitions in life, whether they are welcomed or not, it is reassuring to know that God does not change.
Too often in church debate you hear things like "Things change." Well, guess what - somethings do not change. They are anchors to which we must attach ourselves. That is what Mark is saying when he talks about reassurance.

But because God does not change, and we are to aspire to be more like God, then we should aspire to be unchanging ourselves. Now, because we are being restored, we will of course always be changing, but we must be careful in how we change. We change through addition, not shifting. By that I mean that has we work out one aspect of life and move on to another, we do not ignore or discard what we have just learned, we add to it. If we are learning how to praise got loudly and with the cymbal, it does not mean we can begin to ignore the necessity of humble confession. We do not exchange the buddy Jesus for the Lord of All - we learn that we are allowed to be buddies with the Lord of All - we learn deference and familiarity. We become bigger, not merely different.

We become bigger until we reach the point where we don;t change because we have it all.


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