Friday, October 24, 2014


There Needs To Be A Tenth

Scott Brown (Christian Post editor) writes about "Pastors and Sin: Nine Ways Church Elders are Held Accountable." His list is so typical of the independent Baptist/Evangelical church that I could not help but think there should be a tenth item on the list - hierarchical structure - a place to which to appeal.

I am not fooling myself here, such structures are as corruptible and corrupt as anything else, but so often pastoral sin is small and comes down to the pastors word against one other person. Such situation demand a fully independent and higher appeal. Old adage says "You cannot investigate yourself."

Such a word against word situation leaves the congregant feeling powerless. God empowers.

I have seen much church corruption in my life - the most destructive has been in the situations described in this article. They cannot be allowed to stew in their own juices.


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