Thursday, October 23, 2014


We're Still Sinners

Jon Acuff asks "Why do Christians lie so much?" If you are not offended b the question, you ought to be. The reason he states:
Non Christians get grace. Christians get judgement.

I think far too often, if we're gracious, we're gracious to people who don't believe and then judgmental to those that do.
There is a whole lot of truth there, but there is also a deep danger. You see, in order to achieve internal graciousness, I think the church has made of itself an eternal evangelistic meeting and pretty well done away with anything else.

The key os not simple graciousness, the key is to learn how to be gracious while calling people forward. We need to learn how to be gracious while at the same time, urging, admonishing, calling and nudging people towards holiness. We are all still sinners, but we we need to be moving in a direction that is away from that.

You see, I think we have redefined graciousness. We seem to think that graciousness is about not pointing out peoples faults. I think graciousness is more about making people stare their faults dead in the eye - staring at them with them - and then still loving them. That's a very different thing than not pointing them out. In order to do that we need to stare at our own faults - and that's the problem.

Yes, we forgive those that do wrong things, but that does not mean wrong is not wrong and they we do not say it is wrong.


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