Monday, October 20, 2014


What's God Up To In Your Life?

Mark Roberts:
Sometimes, we can think of the Christian as a minor remodel. When we put our faith in Christ, we add a few new beliefs and behaviors. But, for the most part, we think and live much as we did before receiving God's grace through Christ.

This minor remodel approach to Christianity falls far short of the biblical vision.
Being a Christian is radical stuff. Not "workers of the world unite radical," rather radical in the sense that what God is about in our loves is not adjustment, but re-creation.

As I sit here thinking and praying about this I am tempted to write about what this means for my life personally, and your, I hope. But the thought keeps also running through my mind about what this means with regards to how we invite people to join us. We present the world with a kind of Christianity Lite becasue we think the world will be afraid of the real stuff. But what I keep wondering is if Christianity Lite is really that appealing. It looks so much like everybody else, just in churchy clothes. You have to be a sheep for the sheep's clothing trick to work and people are not sheep.

But as I think about that, maybe I really am thinking about what this means to my life personally. Maybe present Christianity Lite to the world is the excuse I use to prevent God from making the real radical changes He wants to make in my life. Maybe if instead of worrying about the image I present to the world for the sake of evangelism, I worried about what it is God is doing in my life and let the image thing take care of itself my life might actually attract people to God.

Or is that too radical a thought?


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