Monday, November 24, 2014



Chaplain Mike tries to figure out what it means to be transformed in Christ. He offers up three quotation with very different views. One describes it as primarily in the little things and describes it in legalistic and measurable things and another in escatalogical terms. He things asks which it is.

To which I respond - "ALL OF THE ABOVE." (and more)

The transformation offered in Christ is so total and so complete a recreation that it is beyond our comprehension. Here's the thing. The escatalogical viewpoint is not something I can do much about - just have to let it happen. The mechanistic is, but the mechanistic approach without the little things inevitably results in a legalism that is just as ugly as people outside of Christ, it must be tempered with the "little things" approach. (At this point if you have not clicked through, you are lost - take the hint, then come back.)

At that in the end is the real point to me. When Paul says "I am all things to all people" he is not just turning a phrase. Not only does it indicate that we have to meet people wherever they are and deal with whatever they are dealing with, but it also means that there is no crevice or area of life that Christianity does not creep to. Being a Christian is not a "specialty." It's not something you major in. It's something that consumes you.

Are you consumed?


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