Thursday, November 13, 2014



Mark Roberts on Christian learning:
Thus, Christian learning isn't based on some religious feeling or even on speculating on "what would Jesus do." Rather, it is based on knowing about the human Jesus, who was God Incarnate, and knowing this same Jesus, who invites us into relationship with him today.
I would phrase that a bit differently by saying - It is intellectual activity informed by supernatural interpretation.

Clearly without Jesus whatever process is null and void. The point that Mark is making is that Jesus involvement is direct, relational, and current. But he is also saying that the experience is neither speculative or emotional - thus it is intellectual and direct. We read and we ask - AND WE RECEIVE ANSWERS. Pretty much like school.

I am tempted to concentrate on the "not emotional or speculative" aspects of this, but I think it better to focus on the "ask Jesus" part. You see the hard part is learning to listen. It is so easy to confuse our emotions with the voice of Christ. But they are far from the same things. My emotions often tell me to do wrong things, so morality is involved. My emotions are almost always utterly selfish (think about it - even when we love we love to get love) and only my reason can make that change.

Somehow, we have to learn to hear the supernatural. That requires letting go. Are you prepared to do so?


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