Wednesday, November 05, 2014



George Weigel on Catholic seminaries:
As Hendershott and White show, the days of seminaries dominated by various forms of psychobabble are, in the main, over.
I wish I could say that about my church! I read that sentence and it makes me ask a single question, "Are we serious about being God's church or not?" Concessions to anything from psychological thought to "cultural relevance" is about those things and not the mission God has actually given us. Are we serious?

In the end, God does not care about worship music - He cares that we worship Him. He is also plain that the sharing of psalms and music is but one part of worship, and that to do so without the other aspects of worship is to be a clanging gong. Are we serious?

Jesus was plain that his mission was to make us holy, not "self-realized." He made it plain that the path to such holiness was not in finding ourselves, but in denying ourselves as he did. Are we serious?

Jesus made plain what love is. He condemned where necessary, but loved all. Do we dare think Jesus did not love the Pharisees. Tot he contrary his love for them demanded that he decry their sins in the strongest possible terms. That is in fact part of love. Are we serious?

I want to be!


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