Thursday, November 06, 2014


Total Christianity

Mark Roberts writes of doing, being and identity in Jesus:
When our core identity is determined, not by what we do for a living, but by our relationship with God through Jesus Christ, everything in life shifts. Work, whether paid or unpaid, continues to matter, but mainly as a way of offering ourselves in service to God and then to the world as his representatives. My decisions about how to invest my time and money will be guided by God's truth and his eternal values rather than how they might enhance my professional success. Most of all, my core sense of being will depend, not on how successful I am at work, but on the undeniable and unchangeable fact that I am beloved by God, that I belong to him, that he is my Lord, Savior, and friend, and that he will never leave or forsake me.
Christianity should absorb us totally. That means we have to follow Christ, even to death. It measn we must let go of who we are to grab hold of who Jesus is.

Yet we live in an age when we seem to think the ultimate is to be happy with ourselves. Jesus tells us ourselves simply do not matter. Are we really willing to subsume our identity into his? Are we really willing to let go totally?


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