Tuesday, November 25, 2014


What Goes Hand-In-Hand

Timothy Shriver, a clear liberal, says this of the newish Pope:
Most people are applauding Francis’ call to change the Catholic hierarchy, and many are welcoming his challenge to attack economic inequality. But his call to change isn’t just about the social justice we seek for others or the reform of outdated Catholic insularity. It’s also about the deep and often painful work of changing ourselves from the inside out. The Hebrew prophet Joel captured the challenge of the inner life clearly: “Change your heart, not your garments.” Still, changing one’s heart isn’t easy.
I could not agree with that more, but it should be noted that we don't change ourselves, the Holy Spirit does.

That said; however,there is wisdom in what Shriver is saying here. No amount of organizational or practical change that is unaccompanied by genuine spiritual renewal will be effective, it will eventually be sinful. Whether it is the pope leading the Catholics or Joe Evangelical leading local mega-church #6.

You see, it's not nearly so much about what we do specifically, but who we are when we do it.

Who are you?


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