Monday, December 01, 2014


Becasue They Are Idiots?

Os Hillman asks:
Why don't Churches See Equipping their Members as a Priority?
The answer I give in the title to this post is perhaps a bit dismissive, but sometimes you have to wonder. Hillman himself never really answers the question he asks in the headline to his piece he just launches into the necessity to do so. Which raises a more interesting question

Is "Why?" a useful question? The examination of motives is often necessary for one to undertake on a personal level to purge certain behaviors. But even then it is often a question one asks oneself. When you start probing the motives of another things can get ugly fast. When you ask it on a corporate level, you often run into the personal motives of many involved and again, things get ugly fast.

But don;t they need to? Don't organization need to discover their motives so they can purge themselves of them?

I talk a lot here about God being in the little things. Spiritual formation is less about what we do and more about who we are doing things. Among the attributes that are so needed there is an attribute of being willing to accept criticism. We have to be willing to hear where we have screwed up. How many of us are?


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