Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It Starts With Brokenness

Steve Wickham @ Godspace writes:
Only one fix remains,
In all of what brokenness contains,
Only one thing will do,
It’s what we hold to be true.
Love is that thing that’s truthfully real,
It’s what we know will always heal,
So brokenness need not be despair,
Because the Son of God does care.

Love is personified in the historical tradition and in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ – God the Father’s Son.

If we wish to be healed – to have our brokenness reconciled – we ought to fall in love with a Saviour who fell in love with us to the point of dying on a cross. And grace does more! Although we cannot live a life of redeemed perfection, yet, we are forgiven and understood as we live our broken lives. God knows it’s not our fault. We are what we are and we are who we are.

As we journey with the Lord Christ into our brokenness, we decide to accept ourselves for whom and what we are. We give up trying to be better. We decide that God must know. We know that God knew what he was doing in being crucified. Acceptance for the facts we have accepted by faith is a grand blessing. It sees to it that there is an abiding peace we enjoy from within. God planned us to be redeemed, broken and doubting and unlovable, but redeemed in the same breath – accepted and dearly loved.
Indeed the path to Jesus begins with our brokenness, but what an interesting view of our brokenness. Are we broken because we feel bad, or are we broken because of how we behave?

The answer is, of course, both, but if we view brokenness primarily about our feelings, there is so much sin we fail to recognize. It is quite possible to feel better and yet behave horribly. In fact, it could be argued that focusing on our feeling is in part motivation for sinful behavior. Yes, it is true that has he heals us from sin, He will heal many of the negative feeling we have, but is that really what Christ came to fix?

I find the church an increasingly difficult place to be. It is more like going to a public venue for entertainment than going to a holy place. People come seeking for themselves, whether it be entertainment of just to be healed from bad feelings. It seems like when I was a child I was supposed to be different in church, not so self-searching.

Maybe we have shifted our message a bit too much?


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