Friday, December 05, 2014


Moving Beyond

Mark Roberts:
I’ve reflected a bit lately on how we often assume that if something is difficult, we’re doing it wrong and need to change course. While that’s true for some things, of course, we sometimes forget that many things are difficult because they’re worth doing – work, projects, relationships.
Then he quotes Charity Singelton Craig:
According to business strategist David Waldschmidt, doing the hard things is exactly what moves a person from the middle ground of mediocrity into the heights of success.
I think this lesson can be applied to our faith as well. If it is easy, we are not being excellent Christians. Now, that is not to be confused with us making ourselves better Christians, but it is to say that Being a Christian can and should be difficult.

The difficulties will vary, they will come from different angles and in different ways, but they will come. If they are not, we need to ask what's wrong. Do we do that?

Christians are often analogized to soldiers. Soldiers define themselves as people that run to the gunfire when everyone else is running away from it. Christians could analogize themselves similarly. Most people avoid difficulty. But we have resources most people do not. We can handle the hard stuff, with God's grace. We can become excellent, with God's grace.


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