Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Silly Question

Mark Tooley wonders
"Was America Ethically Christian for Only 8 Years?"
Of course he is bemoaning the decline in national morals, etc. Trying to build some perspective. But please a nation has an ethos, a generally accepted set of values, but no nation has a ethic.

What is problematic about this is discussing it in these terms makes us think that such is a goal. Like we should, as a nation be somehow "ethically Christian." Maybe, or maybe not we should be, but the only way to achieve that is through evangelism, not some sort of legislation or national effort. The way to achieve that is one person at a time, slowly telling them about Jesus and modelling for them what it means to be a person of Christ.

Such question, in many ways, miss the point of what it means to be Christian. It is not a matter of ethics. Can we influence the nation to behave more in accordance with our ethical standards? Maybe, but to be honest, theologically, the answer is "NO." even we cannot maintain our own ethical standards. Without reliance on Christ and the Holy Spirit this is just not happening. For a nation to have such reliance is mission, not politics.

We really need to think about this differently.


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