Monday, December 22, 2014


The Need For Rest

Shelly Miller:
It is the same for us. In spiritual seasons of winter and weekly weariness, resiliency is fueled from previous rest periods, of quiet and stillness abiding in his presence. By neglecting Sabbath for work, the result is often a lesson in futility. Jesus is our role model.

His work was never finished. There were sick to heal, hungry to feed, demons to cast out; yet he awakens before sunrise for solitude and rest to commune with the Father. All the while people scan GPS from their cell phones trying to locate him.

When we allow our outside environment to dictate our inner worth, identity becomes lopsided. It’s why the Sabbath is a commandment, not a suggestion. Abiding in Christ through routine rest is the secret to flourishing in our full potential because God is in the business of redemption.

If you trust him with your work, do you trust him to redeem time?
More specifically do we trust Him to redeem our rest?

It is possible in an effort to avoid the sin of sloth that we go too far in the opposite direction. This is very practical. Have you ever barked at your spouse or kids because you were tired? Been rude to a clerk because you just did not have the energy to be nice? Has a pet coming up just to be "loved on" a little ever annoyed you becasue you needed a nap? It can get a lot worse car accidents, etc.

Tired makes us more prone to sin. It is no more complex than that. God wants all we have to give, but He does not want more than we have to give.


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