Wednesday, December 03, 2014


The New Role

Nine Marks - "Nine Marks of a Healthy Worship Leader"

Your worship leader should meet the biblical qualifications of an elder.

Your worship leader should be musically capable.

Your worship leader should be invisible (almost).

Your worship leader should be committed to gospel-anchored liturgy.

Your worship leader should work in close tandem with the preacher.

Your worship leader should be committed to the expression of a vast range of emotions

Your worship leader should be committed to the explicit worship of Jesus.

Your worship leader should encourage and enlist congregational participation.

Your worship leader should be chiefly concerned with honoring God and upholding Jesus and the gospel, more than reaching the next generation or any other pre-determined demographic.

You know, I understand the whole transition in music. If nothing else organs are massively expensive, and it's hard to find good organists anymore. The transition away from choirs I understand less. It is arguable that they discourage participation of the congregation, but does a "worship team" really help? But I honest to goodness do not understand why the title "musical director" changed to "worship leader."

Let's face it - that is what we are talking about here. Why else would they need to be "musically capable? Is worship merely part of the service? Is singing worship and and hearing the sermon not? Music is a part of worship, but it is not the whole of worship. Does the "worship leader" teach Bible Study? Does the "worship leader" hold us to obedience in those situations where we find obedience difficult?

I could go on like this for a while. I think the point is made. We attach names to things for reasons and in this case I think it is important to understand what we are missing by attaching this name to this person.


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