Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Stand Up, Sit Down Fight, Fight, Fight

In an era when we do a lot of standing up and raising hands to the Lord, consider these words from Mark Roberts:
I come from a Christian tradition that rarely bows in congregational worship. And I did not kneel when I said my prayers as a child. So, the physical action of bowing before God does not come easily to me. But, I have discovered that sometimes when I literally bow before God, my heart follows. My body leads my soul in offering myself to God, all that I am for his glory and purposes. Kneeling before the Lord helps me to experience the fact that he is exalted above everything else in the universe.
Real power, real exaltation humbles the person before that power offering that exaltation. It may feel good to raise our hands and sing loudly, but I think we need to be humbled more than we need to feel good.


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