Monday, February 02, 2015



Mark Roberts links to an interview with the makers of the Noah movie and one of the themes of the movie is religious stewardship of creation. *YAWN*

As the people of God we have both dominion and stewardship over all of creation, forgive me, that is a given. It is not arguable. What comes after that is not as the filmmakers contend a political discussion, it is in fact a discussion of what composes dominion and stewardship. With dominion we are permitted to use the planet, its resources, and its forms of life as we see fit. Is it good stewardship then to allow a species to pass from existence? If it happens because of the intrusion of man is it definitionally bad? To make a statement about dominion and stewardship is to dodge those questions, or to use dominion and stewardship as apologetics for your view on those questions. It assumes answers to the questions that flow from dominion and stewardship rather than deal with the hard questions.

I don't want to attempt in this post to deal with those harder questions, I just want people to start to think about this properly. Dominion and stewardship do not, de facto, lead to support of carbon markets or any other scheme to "save the environment." There are thousands of question between point a and point b. They need to be considered in turn, they need to be considered that stewardship does not equate to "preservation" it equates to "good use," they need to be considered in humility both regarding our sin and our limited intellect (at least in comparison to the creator.)

Stop telling me I am a steward of creation - about this there is no argument between us - make your case for what that means.


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