Thursday, February 19, 2015


Faith and Creativity

Godspace wonders about creativity in faith. There is some interesting stuff there, but she ends with this question:
How will you express your faith creativity today?
And there she takes a startlingly wrong turn. Creativity is not and expression of something within oneself, it is a REFLECTION of the image of God in us. God is creative (why else do we call everything "creation?") and He made us in His image. When we are creative we are not expressing what we think or feel, we are searching for the image of God creating that He put in us. When we are expressing ourselves in creativity, we put ourselves in God's seat.

One of the first things Ms. Sine discusses on how to what can help with creativity, she says, "Maintaining regular spiritual practices." Great news that. Exercising creativity is a matter of devotion. One could even argue discipline.

One other important aspect of this is that when you view creativity in this fashion, you discover that there are many activities that are "creative" that you did not previously consider to be so. It is not just about words and the arts. It's about engineering and construction. It's finding a more efficient way to vacuum the living room.

Be devoted.


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