Friday, February 20, 2015


God The Father

Mark Daniels:
When I was a boy, up until I was about age thirteen, I was, in a phrase often used by members of my parent's generation, "a pistol." But by the time I turned thirteen, a change had come. I was obedient to my parents. I wasn’t perfect by any means. And I’m still not. But when I hit my teens, my parents weren’t always wondering whether they could trade me in for a new model.

The reason for this transformation, I think, was simple: I feared my father.
Oh we love Jesus, he saved us. We are fascinated by the Holy Spirit, he does all sorts of miraculous stuff - But do we hear about God the Father much anymore? I mean seriously? Most of our contemporary music is about God the cosmic buddy, not the father we fear.

Daniels int he rest of the sermon gets into the place of works, judgement, etc. as he breaks down I Peter 1:17-25 - but I just like hearing that God is the Father! - to be loved, feared and respected - maybe cuddled up to sometime when we are feeling particularly vulnerable, but someone that shapes us, no consoles us. A father is someone you approach lovingly, but cautiously - not with the familiarity of a pal at school - familiar yes, but not familiarity.

The same God that saved us, destroyed the earth once. We'd be smart to remember that.


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